I’m Bill, CEO and co-founder of Readup, a web platform built for deep, focused reading of online articles and stories. It’s the world’s first social media site that makes you smarter and happier.

I love reading, writing and art. I love adventures, exploring, and working on things with my hands. Several years ago, I decided to opt-out of the attention economy and dramatically reduce the amount of time I spend looking at screens, so I deleted all of my social media accounts and got rid of my smartphone.

I currently live in an old RV equipped with little more than a propane stove and a solar panel bolted to the roof. It sits on a Ford F-250 with a hundred thousand miles on it. I rescued both the truck and the camper from Craigslist and now I’m wandering around America’s backroads, getting intentionally lost on a daily basis.

In addition to figuring out how to save high-quality journalism at scale, my co-founder and I are pioneering the future of work. I work from small libraries and bookstores in rural towns, where I also find a lot of time to chat with people about reading, social media, politics and life. I also enjoy flea markets, thrift stores, and farmstands. But more than anything else, I prefer solitude and nature, especially at the same time.

I have two lifelong goals: to write a novel and to build my own house. Imagine a small home on a very large property with fresh water running through it. Now chop the home in half and discard one side without closing up the open part. And triple the size of the property. That’s what I want. That’s where I’ll write my novel.

I respond to every email I get, so hit me up. Seriously. bill@readup.com