First, I am a reader.

Second, I am a writer.

Third, I am an entrepreneur.

My friend and I built Readup, a social media platform that makes you feel happy, healthy, and whole. It helps you find and focus on the world’s best articles and stories. It basically forces you to read, especially if you want to share your opinions.

Use it. I wouldn’t recommend it if I didn’t love it.

I’m the protagonist (a 32-year old loner, lost) of the dystopian sci-fi novel that I’m currently, actually living.

Everything is storytelling: writing a book, running a company, being alive. Anyway, here’s what I came up with: I live in an old, beat-up RV, equipped with little more than a propane stove, a gas light, and a solar panel that I bolted to the roof. This is Sputnik, my pride and joy, a 1987 Travel Villa, exactly my age, that sits on a yellow, rusted-out Ford F-250 Super Duty 2007, with 116k miles.

Currently, Sputnik and I are lost in Iowa, corn country, during the calm before the caucus storm.

I’m keeping a strict, four-source media diet: (1) Local newspapers, purchased in rural gas stations, currently The Cedar Rapids Gazette, eastern Iowa’s leading daily (2) FM radio, which I listen to while driving, mostly NPR and hot country music (3) Readup, using the Readup Tablet v1, and (4) books, lots and lots of books.

I traverse landscapes without GPS, in search of free wifi and air-conditioning.

I meet and talk to strangers because I have to, to stay alive. On a daily basis, I have deep, in-person conversations about anything and everything: politics, cryptocurrency, the internet, reading, art, culture, and the meaning of life. I’m getting better at making friends on the road.

I seek out places where I can work, use the bathroom, and fill up my five-gallon jug with safe water to drink. I don’t have words to describe the extent to which I rely on the public library system. Instead I’ll say this: you are probably unaware of the extent to which we all rely on the public library system.

I embrace frugality and minimalism. I have and need very little money and very few things. I love going to flea markets, thrift stores, and farmstands. I’m always trading. I think I might be a hair more frugal than Thoreau, if you account for inflation.

I love solitude. And nature. Especially at the same time.

I have two lifelong goals: (1) to write a novel and (2) to build my own house from scratch.

Imagine a small home on a very large property with fresh water running through it. Now chop the home in half and discard one side without closing up the open part. And triple the size of the property. That’s what I want. That’s where I’ll write my novel. I hope you’re enjoying it so far.