Several years ago, I realized that the internet wasn't working for me. Everything seemed pointless and distracting. So I decided to do something about it. I got rid of my smartphone, deleted all of my social media accounts, and co-founded Readup. I think I know how to fix the web. I think I'm getting closer. One day at a time.

These days, I'm really going for broke. I live in an RV named Sputnik and I blog my heart and soul into an Alphasmart (distraction-free, offline) first thing in the morning, over coffee while the sun rises. It's 90% coherent and 100% human. Fill out the form below to get updates from the road!

I keep a very strict four-part media diet: (1) books (2) Readup (3) print versions of small-town newspapers, purchased from mom and pop shops across rural America, and (4) AM/FM radio, while driving.